Tuesday, February 01, 2005

I did NOT know that....

Consider that my Johnny Carson tribute or, more appropriately, my Ed McMahon tribute...in actuality it is my tribute to Phil Hartman's impression of Ed McMahon, so it really has nothing to do with Johnny. Oh well, I tried...sort of..."YES, too drunk to be scared, sir."

Speaking of Phil Hartman, has anybody put out a DVD box set of any of the Newsradio seasons yet? I guess I could just go look it up on the net, but I'd rather ask questions to the legions of people (see: 5-7) who read my blog so religously and let them answer the questions for me. I really loved that show and always felt like it was vastly underrated, so you can imagine my joy when it popped up on VH1's "I Love the 90's: Part Deux"...Scott Ian from Anthrax commented that he thought that Newsradio never really caught on because it was too smart for most people. I'd have to agree with that. Then again, I feel the same way about me.

Usually, you don't learn one single piece of useful information during the week leading up to the Super Bowl but apparently, this year is the exception. Case in point: Deion Branch originally committed to the University of Florida out of high school in Albany, Ga only to see his grades fall and, therefore, not be academically eligible to enroll at Florida. Obviously, this didn't hurt Deion's career, but I couldn't help but wonder how he would've looked catching bubble screens and running through wide open spaces in the secondary while playing for Steve Spurrier...I'm betting that he would've done just fine for himself and probably would've ended up as a more lethal version of Jacquez Green....don't forget that Green was a first team All-American as a junior at Florida.

Rodney Harrison now has amassed over $350,000 in fines during his NFL career...now that's a stat to tell your grandkids about.

There was an outstanding article about Jack Youngblood on cnnsi.com yesterday by Peter King. You can find it here:

For those of you who think that Terrell Owne's comeback is amazing, take 10 minutes out of your day and read this...it will give you a whole new perspective and level of respect for the NFL players of yesterday.

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