Friday, February 04, 2005

I wish I could say that I was ditching work later today so that I can hit all the parties in Jacksonville but sadly I will be watching the Super Bowl from my regular locale. When the Super Bowl was in Tampa a few years back, I went to Tampa for the weekend. That was partially due to the fact that the city of Tampa moved up Gasparilla (think Mardi Grad on a much smaller scale) a week to coincide with the Super Bowl festivities. Of course, the only thing that Jacksonville has like that is the annual Florida-Georgia game aka The World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party. Jacksonville isn't a bad city, but then again its not a great city either in fact, its tough to call Jacksonville a city at all because its so damn spread out and doesn't really have a large, true downtown. I've had some great times in Jacksonville but even I was shocked that they put a Super Bowl there.

Oh yeah, the Super Bowl: I can't say that I am anticipating this game as much I have been most of the more recent ones. There's really no storyline that I find overly compelling. T.O. isn't going to have much of an impact and the Patriots are already a dynasty as far as I'm concerned. The Eagles aren't the lovable losers that the Red Sox or Cubs were/are, partially because their fans are such awful pieces of crap and partially because the team hasn't been mired in a lull of losing for 80+ years.

Neither the Eagles nor Patriots excite me much so I'm really just hoping for a good offensive game and that maybe T.O. will score his 15th touchdown follwed by Andy Reid ripping off his pants to reveal the much talked about tights he promised to wear. If that doesn't happen, then I'm hoping that Rodney Harrison breaks Todd Pinkston in half like a no. 2 pencil. I don't have anything against Mrs. Pinkston but I think that would at least get people off her back for always being such a gaping vag when she goes over the middle.

With that said, here are a couple of crappy and worthless (unless you're in Vegas) predictions for the game:

-Daniel Graham will catch a TD pass.

-Brian Westbrook catches at least 7 passes, 3 of which will come when he's lined up at WR.

-Freddie Mitchell will act like a complete and utter asshole during the pre-game introductions.

-Teddy Bruschi will pick off a Donovan McNabb pass in the first half.

-Vinatieri misses a FG of under 50 yards.

- Jevon Kearse goes sackless.

-We get at least 10 shots of Donovan McNabb's mother in her luxury box.

So there it is, I'll check back on Monday and we'll see if I get even one of these predictions right. I'll also be back at some point this weekend to make an official prediciton on the outcome of the game itself (I know, a very novel idea)...though I probably won't take any blame and/or credit for the pick as my alcoholism gets very offended when I don't give it enough credit for its infinite wisdom.

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