Tuesday, February 15, 2005

GOD!! I hate that guy...

Have I ever mentioned that I HATE Christian Drejer....no? Well, I hate Christian Drejer like Barry Bonds hates reporters from the San Francisco Chronicle, actually I may hate him even more than that.

Drejer was suppossed to be a lottery pick in the making when he arrived at the University of Florida only to be badly injured as a freshman which lead to him being about 50% health-wise (we were told) for the second half of his freshman year. The media (see: Chad Ford, Andy Katz, etc) kept telling everybody that would listen that Drejer would be an amazing point forward hybrid once he got healthy and acclimated to Billy Donovan's system. Then a funny thing happened...Drejer's sophomore year began and while nobody could deny that he was a gifted passer and a skilled ballhandler, there was not alot else to rave about in the young Dane's game. He was average athletically, at best, while still managing to carry the torch for horrible European defenders of yesteryear. Drejer couldn't have covered half the professors in the UF Grad/Faculty/Staff division of intramurals without giving up 15+ points. As if that wasn't enough, Drejer couldn't shoot a lick, he was shooting below 30% from three midway through his sophomore season. I'll gladly take the typical European aversion to defense and lack of athleticism if I'm getting a deadeye shooter (or at least skilled scorer) in return. Drejer was none of these things, simply put he was a slow footed, overhyped point forward. I held no ill will toward a kid who clearly couldn't live up to the hype that surrounded him. Even after he singlehandedly blew the Kentucly game last year (four tunovers against the press in the final 3:30), I almost felt bad for him and all the expectations. Then, a week or two later, Drejer bolted on his teammates, coaches, and university to sign a pro contract in Spain even asserting that his lackluster play was as much due to Donovan's system as it was his own ineptitude. It was official, I hated him. I would secretly wish for Drejer to be caught in a riot following a game in Salamanca or some other remote Spanish locale for the following six-to-seven months.

Well, that never happened and Drejer went on to play out the season with his team FC Barca, rather unimpressively, I might add. I had not thought about Christian or my unbelievable hate for him until I saw this article on Drejer :http://www.fiba.com/pages/en/news/latest_news_article.asp?r_act_news=5644&r_cat=8&page=1

The quotes from his coach basically sums up everything that will keep Drejer from ever being anything other a fringe NBA Player. Good to see Christian is still living the dream because it sure looks like nothing more than a dream at this point...couldn't happen to nicer guy.

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Greg said...

Whoa whoa whoa. A Dane lacks toughness and you're surprised? Since when have they ever done anything?