Tuesday, February 08, 2005

You're a shining star...no matter who you are...

Sorry about the musical accompaniment of my title but I've had that song stuck in my head for, like three days now and since the All-Star reserves are bieng announced today I thought it had some relevance.

I don't have a lot of time right now but I thought I'd give a couple of my picks for the All-Star reserves, mind you these aren't all the picks, just a couple of ones that draw my own personal interest:


Jermaine O'Neal: A level below Duncan and Garnett because he ahs yet to prove he can take over a big game against another big-time post player...still a very dominant force. Even exhibiting some Alpha dog characteristics since returnign from suspension.

Gilbert Arenas: If Larry Hughes hadn't been injured, I may have taken him over Arenas but you can't really go wrong with either of them. Arenas has a very legitimate shot at being the pest scoring PG in the league and he's only 23. He's reigned in his wildness some in each of the last two years and can take over a game at any moment. Not a quicker first step of better pull-up jumper in the league right now. Quick note: Before injury, Hughes was averaging more points, assists, rebounds and steals (leading the league) than Arenas. Gilbert's numbers in those categories are all very impressive to begin with, goes to show how special this Wizards team could be if they keep the Arenas, Hughes, Jamison troika together and find a good big man...and yes, I just wanted to use the word troika.

Steve Francis: Say what you want about Steve-O but he has been the leader, and leading scorer on a team thats gone from laughing stock of the league to a good playoff team in just under 6 months. Yes, Grant Hill has alot to do with this, but nobody has hit more big, game winning shots this year than Francis. His toughness and will to win have clearly rubbed off on a franchise that was headed down the path to utter mediocrity (if they were lucky) before he was acquired.

Dwyane Wade: Who cares what position he plays...this guy is 8th in the league in scoring and fourth in assists in his second year in the league. There isn't a more exciting guard in the NBA right now. He should make about ten more All-Star teams and that is a conservative estimate.

That's my Eastern Conference analysis, I'll be back later in the day to give you my thoughts on a few of the Western Conference guys.

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