Thursday, February 03, 2005

As I was leaving my office for lunch today I saw a blind man with his seeing eye dog, upon my return I saw this same duo as the man was letting his dog use the bathroom just outside my office. Of course this sparked the question, how does a blind guy know that his dog has to use the bathroom? Is the dog trained to make a special noise that alerts it's blind owner of the impending transaction? Does the blind owner use their elevated sense of smell to detect when the dog has a build up of piss and or feces? Yeah...these are the kind of questions that run through my head during the course of a typical day...sad, I know.

National Signing Day was yesterday and Urban Meyer pulled in quite nice little class for the University of Florida while filling pretty much all of the pressing needs. Meyer was at a disadvantage because he isn't a natural southerner (big in recruiting for the SEC) and didn't really start recruiting until early January, yet he pulled in a top ten class which is unheard of for a coach who comes in during December or January. One thing that I particularly liked was that Meyer didn't use of all his available scholarships by reaching for some guys who weren't really Florida caliber players. Zook had a similar situation when he took over for Spurrier and ended up reaching on about 5-6 guys who probably shouldn't have gotten scholarships to Florida, thus limiting Zook's ability to go after some guys the following year. Meyer will have over 25 ships available next year when he's had a full year to establish contacts within the state, as well as show off his program to kids all over the south. Oh yeah, next year is also shaping up as one of the best years (in terms of overall prospects) that the state of Florida has seen in about five years. I'm excited already.

I'd have to say my favorite player from this class was Jon Demps, a four star linebacker from Pensacola who spurned FSU to attend Florida even though he had been a lifelong FSU fan and was considered a "lock" to attend that shithole in Tallahassee. If that isn't enough, just check out the suit he was wearing at his press conference yesterday: If he's doesn't pan out, at least he has a job working with Michael Irvin and Tom Jackson on Monday Night Countdown.

JJ Reddick will probably never play in the NBA but he has really improved his all-around game this year. I'm not ready to call him and All-American like Dick Vitale was doing last night because he's not even the most dominant player on his team (Shelden Williams is, and you could make a pretty strong case for Daniel Ewing being more vital to Duke's success) but it is nice to see a player improve his game each summer and come back with a larger skill set as well as understanding of the game. One thing, was Reddick that out of shape that he could've lost 25 lbs this past summer? I don't remember seeing him with a fully developed beer gut last year...but, then again I was very busy last year.

Dwyane Wade and Lebron go head-to-head tonight in what should be a very exciting (individual) matchup. I don't want to jinx either of them, as it seems that anytime I talk up a basketball related topic the subject of my rants gets hurt or has a horrible game. With that being saud, I am beside myself with excitement over this game. In my opinion, Lebron is currently the best all-court player in the NBA and, personally Dwyane Wade is my favoriter player to watch in all of the league right now. Between those two and seven or eight beers, it should be a heck of a night at the Hughes compound in Sherwood Forest.

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Greg said...

That suit looks like an optical illusion. (I think it's from the future)