Monday, February 14, 2005

Could Marcus Stround eat an entire bowl of red onions?

Not a whole lot today since I was working most of the weekend and I missed alot of good basketball games but that's part of the deal during this time of year for me. Two things I did see though: (1) Ismai'l Muhammad leaping over NC State's Engin Atsur who was doing his best Frederic Weis imitation for the fans in Atlanta...WOW, most impressive display of athleticism I've witnessed in a long, long time. It's too bad that he did that on Sunday night because it overshadowed the other amazing thing that I saw: (2) Some kid from Fresno State had what had to be the alley-oop (his end being the "oop", I think) of the year on Saturday. I have no idea who Fresno was playing, but this kid reached back for a lob that was thrown too high and behind him and proceeded to finish the dunk, left-handed, and get fouled. It made me jump up in excitement and I was only watching the replay. If you're looking to waste a little company time (and aren't we all?) serch for both of these dunks on the internet when you get a chance.

I would probably be alot more bitter about missing so much basketball in the coming weeks if I hadn't stumbled across this early last week, click on the link to see what I'm talking about:

This is the greatest thing that I could have ever imagined, though I'm not nearly imaginative enough of a guy to have dreamt this up. For those of us who don't have TV's in our office, this sort of thing is the ONLY reason not to take two sick days on the 17th & 18th of March. I work at a Spring Training facility and I can say, without a measure of shame, that I will be nowhere near the Major League exhibition game taking place in our facility on either of these two days. I'll be staring at my computer with a white hot intensity normally reserved for such complicated tasks as recruiting for my dynasty on NCAA Football 2005...and I won't be looking at an Excel spreadsheet, that I can assure you.

-Syracuse and Pitt play tonight which means that guys in these two cities/colleges are (A) going to miss the entire game, which is of critical importance in the Big East Race or (B) Going to be single by about 10 PM eastern standard time.

-I've heard a couple of different people whose opinions' I respect mentioned Chevon Troutman as a possible future NFL tight end recently, this sounds very feasible to me provided that he doesn't have an NBA future (which I don't think he does)...Coincidentally, I don't respect Dick Vitale's opinion on anything (other than maybe where to go for a good eggplant parmigiana) but he mentioned Kentucky's Chuck Hayes as somebody he thought could be a good NFL tight end and I completely and totally agree with Dick on this one. Hayes is as tough as you'll find in college basketball and is an exceedingly good rebounder for his size, not to mention that he is a proven winner and a great character guy. If Hayes has any semblance of hands he could be a Pro Bowl tight end in the NFL.

-Speaking of the Pro Bowl...nevermind, I don't have anything to say about the Pro Bowl other than its a joke and I couldn't care less if they ever played the game again. Why don't we just take the guys who are selected for the Pro Bowl and send them all to Cabo San Lucas or some other remore location and have them all participate in a Real World/Road Rules-esque challenge for a couple of days? The players would still get their free tropical vacation and ESPN would get more than a .05% share of the TV audience share. Wouldn't this be more interesting than watching a glorified flag football game in the middle of February? Ok, I guess I did have something to say about the Pro Bowl.

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