Thursday, August 25, 2005 9...on a Thursday...

Thoughts while wondering who in the hell works out at 9 PM on a Thursday night.

- How in the hell is Will & Grace still on the air? What's it been, like a decade or so now. I feel like this show came on right around the time that Family Ties went off the air. Are gay people that desperate to watch caricatures of themselves that they are still keeping this pile of poo alive? Furthermore, if you were one of the actors on this show wouldn't you be mailing it in ala Dominique on the Clippers in the last half of the '92 season. It's not like NBC is going to fire you. I mean, have you seen a homosexual when they're pissed off...not good times.

- Matt Jones sure looks like he's picking up the wide receiver position rather quickly. Which is good since he was never able to truly grasp the ideas and principles being being a quarterback for say, oh I don't know, the last 10-15 years.

I may be going out on a limb here but I think that he could dust Byron Leftwich in a 40 yard dash if he were running backwards.

- If the people running St. John's Athletic Dept. had any kind of clue they would be flying out to meet with Bob Huggins as we speak. I know the guy doesn't exaclty run a tight ship but what else do you have to lose if you're the Johnnies these days? Your nickname sucks, you haven't been relevant since the Artest-Barkley era and a couple of your players got brought up on rape charges by a stripper a couple of years back. At least Huggins will make you winners again in a conference that has gone from tough to brutal in the last year.

Personally, I would just enjoy the interactions between Huggins and the New York media. What would be the over/under on him keeling over with another heart attack? Two, three months tops?

-It's safe to say that Michael Vick is the only player, regardless of sport, who I'd actually make a point to watch in an exhibition game. Unless of course, you count my illegitimate son.

- Has a team ever reached for two consecutive skill position players in back-toback years like the Jaguars did with Reggie " I made my name in my first collegiate game" Williams and Matt Jones? The closest thing I can think of (regardless of sport) was when the Grizzlies drafted Antonio Daniels with the fourth pick in the draft one year only to turn around and select Mike Bibby the very next year, although Bibby was nearly as much of a stretch as Jones was this year.

-Alright...I'll say it. I never trusted Lance Armstrong. It's like nobody remembers how quickly he dropped his wife after becoming an international star. If anybody else did that, he would've been absolutley skewered in the press, but Armstrong cavorts around the globe with Sheryl Crow while his ex-wife takes care of the kids and the media practically gives him a medal for it.

- It sure is nice of Michael Jenkins to show up for the NFL this year. Maybe he got confused and thought he had to sit out a year like Maurice Clarett too. You know they don't exactly learn 'em up real good at The Ohio State University.

- The University of Florida has a committment from an All-American QB with great run/pass ability who goes by the name of Jevan Snead. Oh yeah, Jevan is white. Maybe it's just me, but the name that doesn't fit the race on an athlete just never gets old.

- For a Hurricane that looked like the weather equivalent of Eric Chenowith, this Hurricane Katrina is really turning into a real bear. I talked ot one of my friends in Ft. Lauderdale this afternoon and she was already out of power. For any of you not familiar with Hurricanes, it's a very underrated experience. Basically, you get free vacation time off of work to either (a) go on vacation or (b) sit around somebody's house while drinking, playing cards and eating bologna sandwiches for the better part of two to three days. It's pretty damn fantastic if you ask me. Then again, I always choose option be when faced with this situation. That should give youa pretty good idea where I'm coming from.


CFunk28 said...

I know its awful. But I miss the Hurricane vacation days. It was a nice break to work on a bender.

Mark said...

I'm telling you, Hurricanes a re a vastly underrated natural disaster as well as a hell of a way to work on your poker game.

Ian said...

Detroit Lions did it three years in a row: Charles Rogers-Roy Williams-Mike Williams.