Thursday, August 04, 2005

You really gotta see this shit.

This may be the best blog entry of all time. I found the link on Jerry's Wheelhouse (which I linked to yesterday) and was immediately struck by the humor, analysis and truth of this post. Maybe I'm going a little far, but it's certainly a good read and a hell of a collaborative effort.

Also, because I hate Rocky Top, Fat Phil and everything associated with the University of Tennesse. I'm linking to a video of a UT Defensive Tackle Tony McDaniel breaking some kids face during a pickup basketball game. Scroll down to the bottom of the article and click on the video link. While you're watching this video remember that this guy is only suspended for the first two games of the 2005 season.

I have to go to Orlando tommorrow for soem training so I probably won't post anything. Maybe this weekend...then again, maybe not.


CFunk28 said...

Holy Shit, that was awesome. Any blog that mentions Blackalicious is fantastic.

Mark said...

I agree.

Ian said...

Thanks, y'all.