Monday, August 01, 2005

"I'm not a coward"

That is part of a quote from none other than Fran Vazquez, the guy that the Orlando Magic drafted with the 11th pick in the draft. Why was he saying this? That's because he has decided to stay in Europe for an undetermined amount of time. Yes...undetermined.

The headline to this article says, "Magic, agent surprised". No shit. This is an absolute disgrace. Not only did the Magic pass on a number of quality players (including one possible superstar) to select a big Spanish stiff, but now they can't even sign him. I think my favorite part of this article is where Vazquez says, "I'm afraid of the American way of life...". That's great. I'm glad Otis Smith had the forseight to investigate these kinds of things.

I've been saying it alot lately (not here) and I'm going to say it again...the Orlando Magic are becoming the East Coast Clippers. You may think that I'm being overdramatic, but name another team that has had as many chances to become a title contender and has managed to consistently screw it up by such a wide variety of managerial incompetence as the Magicians? Plus, they've only existed for 16 years.

Just in case you want a better picture of the Magic's recent drafts, here you go.

I'm calling it right now. The Magic are eventually going to try and make Dwight Howard play Center exclusively. Instead of allowing him to move between the 4 and the 5, ala Duncan and the Spurs. This will lead to Howard leaving two summers from now when he's a free agent. Which will lead to me being charged with the brutal murder of Pat Williams.


TJ said...

I'm shocked Geert Hammink didn't work out.

CFunk28 said...

In case you missed "The Links" today, were you aware that Channing Crowder's favorite off season activity is boar wrestling? I liked him before, now he's jumped into my top 10 favorite players in football. Awesome...

Mark said...

They ahve been teeling that story in G'ville for three plus years now. I realize it's m\noteworthy but I hardly blink an eye when it's mentioned now. Maybe he shoudl work on fighting off of blcokers in the offseason. Just a thought.