Monday, August 15, 2005

No seriously...don't lean on me.

I'm not posting much tonight. Incredibly, I'm still not anywhere near settled into my new job. I have to go to Orlando again this week for some more administrative bullshit. Which, of course, means that I have to get up early tommorrow in order to be in Orlando by 9 AM. My best guess is that I will be completely into my new role within around two weeks. That's around the same time that I'm going to be able to start putting together somewhat coherent posts on a semi-regular basis. That's primarily when I 'll be spending alot more time in my office, thus allowing me to spend company time like any other god fearing american should. Which we all know means...using your internet connections for your own personal devices.

Until then I'll try and post something every couple of days. What can I say? Other than, now anybody who reads this who doesn't already know me...has a pretty good idea what it's like to be my friend. I'm extremely unreliable. I rarely answer my phone. I show up hours after I say I will, if I show up at all. Don't forget about my well known proclivity for getting drunk and then disapearring without so much as a word to any of the people that I came out with. It was only a matter of time until my antics permeated into this area of my life as well.

I don't want to act like all I'll I've done is work though. I went to a great show in downtown Orlando at my favorite venue for smallish concerts. The group headliners were a group named Hieroglyphics and it was a a place called The Social. I met a couple of friends at the show and I had a great time . I also definitely had too much to drink for what I had ahead of me workwise the following morning, but again...I'm unreliable. At least I'm self actualized about it.

On a far less pleasing note, the Cardinals lost 3 of 4 to the Cubs. They still lead by 10.5 games so it's hard to get to uptight but the pitching staff, other than Carpenter, is looking as shaky as it has all season. Not good times.

Alas, that is all I can write for this evening. The Florida Gators are in the middle of fall practice and I have alot of reading to do.


CFunk28 said...

I heard that the Dirty P is shut down for the time being. Tootsie's is the only thing keeping that area afloat. What a shame.

Mark said...

Yeah...they are gonna bulldoze the Dirty P and turn it into Condos.

CFunk28 said...

What woman is still willing to go out w/ Lawrence Phillips? The guy has beaten up more women than...anyother Cornhusker football player, and that's saying something.

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