Monday, August 01, 2005

I NEVER take time off...EVER!

It's been over a week since I last posted anything here and I'm here to tell you that I had a very good reason for my delinquency. The reason is that...I was on vacation. That's right, I took yet another vacation. This one wasn't as long as the nearly three week vacation that I took in early June, nor was it as adventuresome as my trip to Chocolate City in early July, but it was still an impressive 9 days of nothing but sleeping late, going to the beach and (of course) copious amounts of NCAA Football 2006. At this point, Chad Jackson might as well be Jesus himself on that damn game. I haven't started my season yet (that's coming later this week) but I am guaranteeing a Heisman for the guy my friend Calvin nicknamed (however unoriginally) "Action Jackson".

Sadly though, my vacation came to an end today as I began my new job. In the interests of not incriminating myself I'll just say that it's more in line with my area of study in college. As I've said earlier in this space, I think I'll stick with this one for awhile...or at least until something easier and more financial rewarding comes along. I should be settled in by the end of the week and be able to start posting on a regular basis once more. It's a good damn thing too, since both the Nationals and the Cardinals have felt the effects of my last post.

The Cards are really struggling due to a ridiculous rash of injuries. Even more worrisome is the ever more annoying Houston Astros. They look scary right now. What the hell is with these douchebags? Why can't they just pack it in during early July and start trading people like every other mid-market club who is seemingly out of the race? I honestly think that if the Astros get within 5 games by mid-August that my Dad's head will explode...seriously. He's already so shook up that he was bringing up injuries from 20 years ago that helped sabotage otherwise fantastic Cardinal seasons (Coleman in '85, Clark in '87). If this continues we may have to sedate him with a horse tranquilizer during the stretch run.

As for the's time to take Ol' Yeller out back and shoot him. Not that Jim Bowden hasn't done a good job with the hand he was dealt, but he still needs to be shot. Trust me. I've met the man on numerous occasions and nobody's gonna miss him. Maybe that's what the Nationals need, a tragic death to rally around. They certainly can't play any worse than they've played lately. I haven't totally ditched the Washington bandwagon just yet but it's definitely not a stretch to say that I'm currently being fitted for my jumping shoes.

Finally, I know that by the time you read this most of you will have heard at least 67 takes on the Rafael Palmeiro situation, but allow me to add my two cents:

(1) If you believed Palmeiro didn't use steroids based on his Congressional testimony, then you're clearly not a student of History. Anybody who remembers "Godfather II" should remember just how good the Degoes are at lying to Congress.

(2) I am in no way wealthy or smart, this is not up for debate. I just passed a drug test, for the second time this summer. Read that last sentence again. Dude you're pathetic.

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TJ said...

Well played sir. Well played.