Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Hey...the Magic still have Travis Diener!!

I'm gonna make this quick because I just ate my dinner about five minutes ago and have been seriously procrastinating on "electing a new pope". Special thanks to Jerry's Wheelhouse for that fantastic euphemism. Because of this, I will keep it very short and very sweet (ngs).

-I don't quite get the moves that the Miami Heat made yesterday. This is the kind of trade that a 13 year old Mark would've declared "The greatest trade in the history of trades". Alas, I am not 13 anymore, far from it actually. This trade looks good on paper but is going to be nearly impossible to make work on the court. I admire that the Heat are going all out in an effort to win a championship in the next year or so (if only because so few franchises actually make such an effort) but I feel as though their aim is spectacularly off the mark.

In my opinion, James Posey is going to prove to be the best acquisition of the bunch. He can guard the opposition's best perimeter scorer every night while also providing some much needed outside shooting. Sure, he had an off year last year but that was due more to the instability in the Memphis lineup and his own injuries than anything having to do with his overall talent.

On the other hand, Antoine Walker and Jason Williams couldn't be more ill-fited for this Miami team. Williams doesn't play off the ball well, which is essential with Dwyane Wade's continued development. Wade needs to have the ball in his hands at least some of the time in order to be a most effective scorer. A point guard who can keep defenses honest is essential with a player like Wade (not to mention Shaq) on your team.

What exactly is Williams going to bring to the table late in the game when Wade is bringing the ball down the court and isolating on the wing? If you're thinking that he will relieve some pressure with his shooting then you haven't been watching alot of Williams in the past 5 years. He's a streaky shooter, at best, who will allow defenses to sag in the lane as they dare him to consistently beat them. Finally, does anybody think that they would be comfortable with Williams running the point in the fourth quarter of a tightly contested playoff game? No way. He's definitely a better overall point guard than Damon Jones but as a fit in Miami, he's a step backwards.

As for Walker, I just can't see this turning out well. He will have to log alot of minutes at the three and he's a little too old for that. He may even be forced to come off the bench due to the presence of Haslem and Posey and everybody knows how he'd handle that. Then there is the issue of if he will be able to change his style of play in order to accomodate the needs of Wade and O'Neal. So far in his career he has shown an unwillingness to do anything close to this (the exact reason why he was such an awful fit in Dallas) and it's tough to see him seeing the light at this point in his career.

You knew they were going to drop Eddie Jones' contract ( a good idea) but I'm surprised that they decided to go the way of the New York Rangers with a eye for names as opposed to pieces that fit together to form a cohesive unit......Duffman says, "The NHL is back, oh yeah!"

- I know that the whole Streetball culture is very hip with the kids right now but I have to say that this new series of ESPN shows named City Slam is god awful. It a bunch of semi-pro guys (at best) jumping over bars and doing just about anything other than playing actual basketball. Besides the horrible premise of the show, there are a couple of other things that really kill me about this show.

- Spud Webb is a judge and...he's fat. Not enormous but still...come on...Spud Webb can't be fat.

- Dee Brown (Reebok Pumper, not collegiate senior) is the de facto host and his voice sounds exactly like the black dude from the Die Hard II. You probably know who I'm talking about because there was always only two black guys in every Die Hard movie, one terrorist and one good guy. I guess my point is that the show is nearly unwatchable. Notice I said nearly. I've seen at least two episodes in the last week.


CFunk28 said...

For my first 3 months of Direct TV I got the NBA network and they showed a lot of summer league games and Travis Diener looked pretty awesome. Grant it it was against other rookies and nobodies, but he looked like he could play. And the thing that suprised me most was his ability to rebound. For a guy that short he had no problems crashing the boards.

CFunk28 said...

Make sure you read Sports Guy today. He takes quotes from Anchorman and assigns them to offseason NBA moves. I was laughing out loud in the office. Which probably wasn't good since I work in a common office now.