Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Two weeks and counting...

For most people, the above phrase is representative of the amount of time until Christmas is upon us. However, for me, that phrase is indicative of the amount of time that I have left in my current job. That’s right, as promised some months ago, I’ve found yet another job to bring my considerable laziness and unmatched ineptitude to. I won’t go into the specifics (because I’m quite sure that nobody truly cares exactly what it is I’ll be doing), but I will say that I’ve been hired as the Director of Communications and Marketing at my new job and the responsibilities of said job are far more to my liking than the one I currently hold down.

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been running a YMCA for the past few months. It hasn’t been a horrible existence, but it does require a certain tactfulness and ability to effectively deal with idiots that I neither want nor care to possess. Combine that with the fact that this place is open seven days a week for approximately seventeen hours a day, and well, I think you can figure out why I was looking to get out of here as quickly as possible. I put in my official two weeks yesterday afternoon and will be informing the rest of the staff here later on today. So for those of you keeping score at home, the tally for the year now stands at 5 jobs, $20,000 in additional salary earned, and 7 weeks of vacation gained.

Through all of this, I’ve maintained that I was going to continually look for new (and better) career opportunities until I reached a point where I was making a comfortable salary in a job that was along the lines of what I wanted out of my professional life. I’m glad to say that I think I’ve finally reached that point. Then again, as one of my friends recently commented, I have become somewhat of a “career gypsy” so I probably shouldn’t start putting up my diplomas in my new office just yet.

While I’m on the subject of leaving jobs, I might as well touch on the Miami Heat situation. Actually, let’s not. Every other donkey with a microphone or a TV camera in front of their face has already taken care of that for me.

Since I’ve decided to eschew discussion of the Heat, I can talk about what a colossal bore I’ve become. This weekend was the first time since I was, probably, 15 years old that I didn’t go out on a weekend. I have no idea how this happened, really I don’t. I had every intention of going out and getting hammered on both Friday and Saturday evenings, but on both occasions I ended up on my couch with nothing but a couple of beers, a shot or two of Jagermeister and a papal ballot to keep me occupied. All of this from a guy who used to go out 5 nights a week when he couldn’t even pay his own power bill (Thanks, Greg). I have no idea what happened to me.

Since I didn’t go out this weekend, there was an awful lot of sports that I got to watch. I’ll tackle some of that when I return this afternoon with a breakdown of the weekend that was, or more appropriately wasn’t. You'll have to excuse me now, I have a letter of resignation to write.

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CFunk28 said...

I find it hard to believe that you miss the 14 hour days that basically equaled making $1 an hour. God I hate being poor.