Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Stick to shooting, dick.

Since I am a little too busy to put together a post today I figured I'd conduct a little test. Let's see if anybody can figure out what's wrong with this excerpt from ESPN's "NBA Expert" Tim Legler's Early Season Awards.

"The steady, yet explosive play of Chris Paul (16.4 ppg, 5.5 rpg, 6.8 apg) has led the Hornets to a surprising 8-8 start. The rookie from Georgia Tech has taken the reigns for Byron Scott and has emerged as the leader of a team desperately seeking one. His ability to attack the rim was apparent in college, but he has shown a maturity and decision making ability that belies his inexperience. When the game is on the line, Chris Paul make sit clear that he wants the ball in his hands and savors the pressure associated with the NBA's most demanding position. "

I like how Legler says that Chris Paul's "ability to attack the rim was apparent in college...". Oh yeah? How many games did you watch Chris play in at Georgia Tech?

I realize that both Wake Forest and Georgia Tech wear the same colors (almost) but how is it possible that a well paid basketball expert could make a mistake of this magnitude? Furthermore, how can one of the many editors employed by the Worldwide Leader miss something like this?

Maybe I'm being a little harsh on Legler here. I mean, its easy to get confused when Chris Paul only played 70+ games at Wake Forest. You'll have to excuse me, I just threw up in my mouth.


Jerry said...

I say he got the school right, but he was actually thinking of Jarrett Jack.

TJ said...

Greg Anthony and Tim Legler were doing "Banana in the tailpipe" jokes during NBA Fastbreak last night. Matt Weiner seemed confused.

Greg said...

It's been a tough stretch for the Magicians lately. Still, it's a rebuilding year and I like what I've been seeing out of Stevie Francis. I really really like Howard's game. He's going to be awesome.

There are still some dynamics that are missing from this team. I'd really like to see them trade for a 6-7, 6-8 ridiculously athletic guy who can penetrate and create something on the breaks.

Also, I'll be back in the FLA next Friday. And I'm not playing bball again until I get a new ACL.

Mark said...

Well that's takes care of my Xmas shopping for you Greg.

As for the ridiculously athletic 6'7"ish guy...I can't think of anybody out there that they could've gotten to fill that void. Oh wait, they passed on two in the draft to select a man named Fran. In all seriousness though, Hill could supply alot of that stuff if he was ever even close to 100% healthy, though we all know that this is never going to happen again.

TJ said...

Fucking Grinches:

Greg said...

Dear Fran Vazquez,
You are such a huge fucking pussy. You didn't come to the NBA because a) you are scared and b) your girlfriend didn't want to go.

Here's some free advice:
1. In the NBA, even somebody as ugly as yourself can get his fill of hot groupie action. So dump the girlfriend.

2. Don't get married until you've been to Rio de Janeiro at least three times.

TJ said...

It's really funny, Cap..It's Afghanistanimation...

Greg said...

Is that what they do in Arabia, Thorny?

TJ said...

Florida's backup QB is transferring. Is that Clinton Portis' brutha or cuz or some shit?

Jerry said...

No relation to Clinton, I believe. That is very strange. Portis originally committed to Utah and followed Urban to Florida. He was a true frosh who got a little pt this year. Looks like a really good athlete. He's from Cali, so maybe he's homesick. Or maybe (hopefully) there's something brewing on the recruiting front with Teabow and/or Schaeffer.

Mark said...

There is some chatter on the boards about this being a ploy to lure Tebow, because some think that he's a bama lean. I don't believe that though. You should see the message board at Gatorcountry right now, there are like 10 threads about Portis.

Monay of those threads there are dedicated to the rumors of Portis being aloof and cocky and consquently, pissing off alot of his teammates.

Apparently, he instigated a locker room scuffle that was quickly broken up by Brandon Siler, at which point Siler told Portis he would kick his ass if he ever tried that kind of thing again.

Whatever the reason for his transfer, this comes a quite a shock. Portis was a huge commit last year and has a ton of talent.

Landing Tebow is even more important now and you can make a serious case for why Meyer should be working Schaeffer just as hard.

With Portis transferring the QB depth chart looks like this:

1. Leak, Sr.
2. Dickey, Sr. : 0 career starts. Ina ddition, he was switched to WR this year and might not even play in order to concentrate on baseball.
3. Cornelius Ingram, Soph: No meaningful playing time in his career. Great athlete who came to Florida as a two sport player (basketball). Most had him pegged to WR or Tight End while many others think he's also transferring.

I apologize for the lengthy post, but like I said, this wasn't something anyone was expecting.

TJ said...

Damn, that was some in-depth shit...

Mark said...

The lesson is...I'm a loser.