Friday, December 30, 2005

Thanks a lot, Jeff!

I had planned on posting more in the last week or so, but between breaking a finger while playing basketball a few days ago and also managing to reach new personal heights in my ability to guiltlessly accomplish nothing whatsoever...well you know what that leads to, nothing.

I really wish that I could say that I've been busy with projects around the house and what not. However, the truth is that I've done very little that doesn't include eating, drinking, and sleeping. Shit, I even managed to miss a tattoo appointment yesterday (much to my chagrin) because I've been so out of it lately that I thought my appointment was today. Oh well, I guess it's better that I do this sort of thing now, as oppossed to next week when I'm starting my new job. Anyway, I'm going out of town for the New Year's (which also doubles as my girlfriend's birthday) this afternoon, at which point I intend to begin a (minimum) 48 hour alcohol binge that should render me unable to do anything, other than watch football, for the entirety of Sunday and Monday. With all of that being said, I did have a few random thoughts that I've been wanting to get up here for awhile now. It's not much, but it's more than I've done in quite some time. Hey, what the hell do you expect on a free blog? If you said, "not much", then you sir, are absolutely correct.

- Was anybody else taken aback by the news that Jeff Reardon held up a jewelry store for $170? I could've imagined Floyd Youmans or Tippy Martinez doing this, hell, I could even picture a scenario where Todd Worrell decided to knock off a place for some extra holiday cash, but Jeff Reardon? Evidently, a good beard doesn't mean what it used to.

-Speaking of beards, I've been sporting a ridiculously burly beard for the better part of two months now (even managing to nail down my new job while interviewing with said beard) which, when combined with my, um hairstyle, has left me looking like a much smaller, much whiter version of T. J. Duckett.

- I hate the incessant comparisons that the media is always making between players based soley on the physical appearances, but I have to say that I see some serious Antwaan Randle-El potential in Marques Hagans.

- I'd like to extend a much belated thank you to Michael Vick, Crazy Jim Mora and the entire Atlanta Falcons organization for giving away last Saturday's football game. The Bucs did their very best to give that thing away (and also ruin my Xmas) but the thought of having to play in another cold weather game was, apparently, too much for ole Ron Mexico to stomach as he and the Falcons couldn't manage to move the ball one single solitary yard against a tired Bucs defense. At this point, you have to start wondering if the Bucs will always have Vick's number.

- The Cardinals signed Juan Encarancion and Sidney Ponson? I knew I'd been saving that bottle of champagne for something.

- Jerry recently commented on guys who have been playing collegiately for what seems like forever. While the ensuing conversation focused mainly on basketball, I'd like to nominate Wali Lundy for consideration as an all-time member of the Virginia Cavalier football program. Honestly, wasn't he a freshman on that Shawn Moore/Herman Moore team from the early 90's?

- My girlfriend bought me a PSP for my Xmas, which I immediately labeled the "greatest Xmas present I've ever gotten". Yes, I'm 28 and no, I don't find this sad in anyway. My parents, on the other hand, are a completely different story. Then again, these are the same people who bought me a Nintendo for Xmas one year when Nintnedo 64 and Sega Genesis were already on the market. No, no I'm not bitter at all.

- How ridiculous are the USC versus the Greatest Teams of All Time comparisons? I keep waiting for Mark May to stand up with a mug of beer and yell out, "Okay, who wins, 2005 USC or Tedy Bruschi?" Followed by Kirk Herbstreit responding, "Bruschi 207- USC 5." We get it, they're a good football team, but can we let them finish the season undefeated before we start building monuments to them?

Happy New Year.


D.M., M.D. said...

Apparently you and Calvin got the "everyone from the Manatees circa 2004 needs to grow a beard" memo. Good job.

Also, Happy New Year's.

Mark said...

I did get that memo, as did Trey. I knew you had moved forward with your beard plans, but Calvin too? Awesome. I'd really like to see that

Greg said...

What's up with Maurice Clarett getting arrested?

Mark said...

That news was the highlight of my day yesterday. I always thought he was a total punk, but not a thug or any kind of actual hardened criminal. I'm betting that Dick Tresel was involved in some aspect of the caper.

CFunk28 said...

Is there any doubt that Dick Tressel was involved? I would bet that it started with Dick bitch slapping Clarrett outside the bar.

That just shows how dumb Clarrett is, the fact that he still hangs out in Columbus. Doesn't he know that everyone in that city wants to fight him? And why isn't he listed as former "Denver Broncos running back"? I hate him.

Mark said...

Seriously, he could've at least gone to Akron or somewhere other than Columbus (where he has to be the most recognizable face in town)if he was going to try and rob people. What an idiot.

I'm also guessing that he's not listed as a former Dnver Broncos RB, because he never actually played for Denver.

TJ said...

Florida wide receiver Chad Jackson will enter the NFL draft, a source close to Jackson told ESPN's Joe Schad on Wednesday. ESPN analyst Mel Kiper's hair ranks Jackson fourth among junior wide receivers.