Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Not happening...

That's it. I'm way too busy today to put up anything that I could be even remotely proud of. There's just too much going on here today now that I've announced my departure. More than anything, it is the constant interactions that I'm having with other departments. Each one of them is in full scramble mode as they attempt to load work on me before I head out the door in a couple of weeks. I'll definitely be posting reguarly during that time, but today now it's just too tough to get much of anything together. The weekend wrapup requires a more focus and time than I can expend right now so you're going to have to do without this week. Other than my discussion of the Josh Portis transfer situation, all of my comments below will be kept brief (extremely brief) as I try and mention all that would've been included in the normal wrapup.

- The biggest news of the weekend was that freshman QB Josh Portis is transferring from the University of Florida. There were seemingly no warning signs that a decision of this nature was approaching, at least not to the average fan. Those inside the program, however, have maintained throughout the last few days that this was not unexpected and that Portis’ mother, Patricia had a major hand in this decision. To many of the members of the Gator Nation, this woman (who moved to Gainesville from Cali with Portis) represents everything that is wrong with the overbearing parents that currently dot the sporting landscape (many have cited Patricia’s hand in Josh’s three athletically driven transfers while in high school). There have been an inumerable amount of articles on Patricia Portis’ behavior and her responsibility for this situation. I haven't bothered to link to them, but I'm sure a simple google of "Patricia Portis" will provide you with many of these. Still more articles have featured direct quotes from Patricia Portis herself on the situation. It is only today that anybody has actually heard from Josh, as he granted an interview to the Gainesville Sun. I’ve already discussed this with Jerry and TJ in the comments section of a few posts ago so I’m going to refrain from delving much more deeply into this, other than to say that it’s probably best for all parties involved, but that still doesn’t leave me (as well as many other Gator fans) wondering what might have been.

-The Dolphins could be pretty damn decent if they had a QB. They have legit players at all the other offensive skill positions and everybody knows about their defense. If they could find a competent trigger man in the offseason, then they might actually be good next year, well at least until December.

- Ronde Barber: What a guy! Just when you think that you couldn't love him any more, he comes out and singlehandedly changes to consecutive games that end up as Bucs' wins. If I ever have twins I'm naming them Ronde and Lito, wife's opinion be damned. Oh yeah, Cadillac, you're pretty damn great too.

- The US got screwed in the World Cup groupings. They have Italy, Czech Republic (#2 ranked team in World) and Ghana (best team in Africa). This is an absolutely awful draw for the #10 ranked squad in the world. Every World Cup there is a "group of death" and I think you can guess which group that's going to be in Germany next year.

- Duke-Texas was a spectacular disappointment. I don't think either team is nearly as good/bad as they looked on Saturday. Duke needs to find another consistent scorer before I buy them as a National Title contender. Texas just needs soem more time to gell and figure out how to run their offense.

-Gonzaga-OK State was a welcome addition to CBS on Saturday after it became clear that Indiana was going to give the "no vaseline" treatment to Kentucky all day long. Entertaining game with a fantastic (and extremely luck filled) ending. It was also nice to see fomer Gator (and former near 400 pounder) Mario Boggan playing well for the Cowboys.

-Best NFL game of the day: Chiefs-Cowboys. Two teams that I could give a damn about but an unbelievably exciting and intriguing game. Exaclty the reason that football is so much fun to watch at this time of the year.

-Charlie Frye looked pretty solid on Sunday. I know that the Bengals defense is average (at best) but the former Zip looked comfortable in the pocket while moving and throwing with aplomb, when neccessary. If you're a Browns fan, I'd be awfully excited about what this kid could (potentially) turn into within the next few years.

Finally, not to come off like the cheesiest guy ever but, there is nothing quite like a December sunset in Florida. Just a fantastic combination of oranges and purples that really takes your breath away.


Jerry said...

Portis out. Tebow in. Advantage: Gators.

TJ said...

Got damn, I'm glad ya'll set it off.
Used to be hard, now you're just wet and soft.
First you was down with the AK,
and now I see you on a video with Michel'le?

CFunk28 said...

Josh Portis sounds like a real team player. Anyone who is upset after a win b/c they didn't get to play can take a hike.

To say that I'm excited about the Charlie Frye era is a huge understatement.

Mark said...

Getting Tebow is huge for a number of reasons. I've gotten to watch him a little this year. He has a TON of physical talent. If he can make the neccessary mental transition, he has a very good chance to be a star in Meyer's system. Hopefully, he can convince a few more recruits to come to G'ville with him.