Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Oh yeah...well watch this JERK!

Do you want to know what I'm going to be watching tonight? Of course you don't, but you're going to get it anyway. It's an easy decision this evening: Boise State-Bowling Green. Even though both of these teams aren't as good as they were predicted to be by all the "experts" that seem to fill up every hour of afternoon TV these days. I'm still eagerly anticipating watching this game for two reasons. (1) It's a football game on a Wednesday night. I would even watch Army-Navy if it were on a wednesday night, and I've steadfastly refused to watch that game ever since I was old enough to have the guts to steal the remote from my father's hands. (2) These two team should combine to score more points than 75% of the of the college basketball games that will air on ESPN this year. This game should do as much for fans of prolific and inventive college offenses as the old Nebraska-Oklahoma matchups did for fans of the wishbone. I can't wait. If I have to pick a winner I'd go with Bowling Green. Why? Because they won't be blown off the ball by Boise like they were against Wisconsin, I love Omar Jacobs and I know a couple of kids who went to Bowling Green. Who the hell has ever met anybody who ever went to Boise State?


When I said "remote" earlier, I meant chopstick. Let me explain. My family was not what you would call affluent in my younger years and we had an old Zenith TV with buttons (1-13) that you pushed to select your channel. As time wore on these buttons fell backwards into the TV. I know it sounds ridiculous but its true. Our solution was to use a chopstick to reach into the hole where the buttons once resided and push the button with said chopstick. Sadly, that wasn't even the most ghetto item that was in our living room at the time. I'll spare you the details but you should be able to guess that is was quite embarrassing. Of course not as embarrassing as the Xmas when I asked for Chuck Taylors and got a pair of Pro Wings. I opended them in horror to hear my father utter the immortal words, "Those are just as good, probably better."

And I actually miss my childhood.


CFunk28 said...

BG's defense sucks. I'm totally disheartened after last night's performance. Especially since our "great" offense looked anemic until the game was out of hand. And by the way, Pro Wings have nothing on Jordache sneakers.

Mark said...

Or XJ-900's for that matter. I really nailed that pick didn't I? Please explain to me why Jacobs refused to run last night. I know it's not his game but he's was at least as athletic (probably more) than most of the Boise defenders and could've made real difference with that.

CFunk28 said...

I don't know why he doesn't run more. That's what made Josh Harris so great was that he didn't hesitate to take off. Omar has 4.5 or 4.6 speed, but to me he just looked very confused last night. Maybe he has a stigmatism and the blue turf blurred his vision. They've turned into a bunch of chokers. The mid majors bitched for so long about not getting exposure, well now we have it and they don't perform under the pressure. Since the beginning of the 2003 season BG has been on a Nationally televised game (or semi national-OSU '03) 12 times. That's unheard of for a mid major, let alone a MAC school. In those 12 games they're 4-8, including a robust 1-5 since last season. They've got Miami and Toledo yet this season, they better get their shit together.

And as much as it kills me to say it, I think that Omar Jacobs could be becoming the Peyton Manning of the MAC. Yeah he puts up huge numbers, but he doesn't win the tough games (Memphis in the GMAC Bowl last year being the lone exception. Thanks DeAngelo Williams for getting hurt. I guess he has one win to Peyton's 0). 2004-Oklahoma, N. Illinois, & Toledo; 2005-Wisconsin & Boise.

CFunk28 said...

Did you see that the Browns cut Doug Johnson? That means that Spurrier's two-headed QB monster is unemployed. I bet Doug and Jesse are some where spooning.

Mark said...

Or fighting to the death. I always got the feeling that the two of them didn't mesh. Doug has been rich since he was 17 (minor league contract with D-Rays) was a hometown hero in G'ville and was generally just one of the guys on the football team. Jesse was...canadian. Nuff said.

I like that comparison on Omar. He looked horribly confused last night and couldn't fight the urge to go deep every other play. It was almost as if, each time he would complete a semi-long pass that he'd start to think that he could get it going again instead of slowly picking up steam and getting his team back into the game. Of course with the way the your D was playing it wouldn't have mattered much.

You guys have really blown your chance at true national respectability. This sort of thing only comes along every so often. It's a unique formula for mid-majors. You have to have a bonafide star that is recognizable to most mainstream media and you have to be following up on an already very successful year just to get the chance at the crown of "Best Team you've never heard of". Then you have to turn around the next year and run the table (or damn close to it). With recruiting being what it is as a mid-major that is a tough thing to pull off for two straight years.

Finally, that WR you have (Sherrin?) is a stud and will be playing on Sundays. I don't know what kind of speed he has but he can at leat be a slot receiver in the league. It won't get alot of pub because it wasn't highlight reel (per se) but that first catch he made (to break your all-time rec. record) was FANTASTIC. I can't ever recall seeing a receiver make a more impressive catch with soley his hands. It sounds stupid but catching with your hands (and hands only) is such a lost art these days.

CFunk28 said...

Charles Sharon...supposedly runs a 4.4. But watch out for our other guy Steve Sanders. He's about 6'3" and runs about the same. The light went on for him about half way through last season and he's been hot ever since. Side note, Sharon is from Palatka, so he's got Fla speed.

Mark said...

Steve Sanders? Steve Sanders? Any receiver who has the same name as ian Ziering's character on 90210 is ok with me.