Friday, September 16, 2005

At least he didn't have to hear "Rocky Top" 436 times that night.

ESPN Clasic is currently airing the 1998 Florida-Tennessee game. Ugh. Florida lost in OT after Collins Cooper missed a field goal in OT. This was after 5 Florida turnovers, including a fumble on the goal line by Terry Jackson. A truly miserable game that ended up fueling Tennessee's National Title run. I would never want to remember this night if it wasn't for one thing.

One of my roomates paid another of one my roomates (there were 4 of us) his share of the phone bill in Xanax...ahh college. Anyway, the recipient of said pharmaceuticals ended taking 4 of them at once. As anyone who is familiar with Xanax will tell you, this invariably leads to passing out. He was out so cold that we shaved his head and another one of our friends punched him in the face after Copper's missed field goal (Hard, I mean really, really hard). He didn't wake up until the next morning at 8(ish), at which point he knocked on my door. I struggled out of bed and saw him standing in my doorway with a confused look on his face. I blankly looked at him and asked what he wanted. To which he replied, "Why isn't the game on TV?"

"Because it's eight in the morning." I said.

"No way. Did we win?" he replied.

"No." (closing bedroom door).

That former roomate of mine is now a pharmacist. I swear to you.


Jerry said...

I watched the 2002 Kentucky game last night, when the Gators dug a tremendous hole and were rescued by Kentucky's incompetence/terrible luck. That was an unecessarily close call.

I was not a Gators fan during that 98 game (writing that makes me feel like a real homo), but I remember Doug Davies destroying things at the end of it. Isn't that the game that Alex Brown lived off of for the next few years?

Mark said...

1999 was actually the night of AB's 5 sack perfomance. The Gators had no business winning that game but he was amazing that evening. Absolutely the high point of his career as a Gator.

Also the night of the first Trinidad-De La Hoya fight. Quite a night for sports.

I can remember jumping on cars that were trying to drive down University after we knocked off Tennessee. It was absolute chaos in the middle of the street for a solid 45 minutes after that game.