Monday, September 26, 2005

A case of the Mondays...

Another Monday has come and gone without me being able to tear myself away from my work long enough to write any sort of weekend wrap up. It's really too bad because I have alot of different things that I'd like to tackle from this weekend. In the interest of getting to that stuff, I'm going to hold off until tomorrow and try and get to a weekend wrapup of sorts (most likely in bullet form) tomorrow morning/early afternoon. Some of the items on the docket for tomorrow are:

-The exaggerated demise of the Patriots
- The Bengals bandwagon
- Yesterday's exciting finishes
-The usage (or over usage) of one Cadillac Williams
-Chad Pennington's Danny Wuerffel impression
- Louisville falling flat on their collective face
-Tonight's LSU-Tennessee game
-Eli Manning's coming out party (ngs)

...and of course the Florida Gators making me feel like I was 21 years old all over again (for a half at least).

Try not to keep yourself awake all night waiting for me. You'll probably end up severely disappointed

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CFunk28 said...

Its a good thing that Les Miles isn't black because I think that he would have been lynched last night.

The only not bad thing about UT winning last night is that Rick Clausen was the QB. It makes me laugh to see fat Phil eat some humble pie and have to bench his guy. Maybe Erik can call Uncle Danny to see if he should consider going out for basketball.