Monday, September 12, 2005

Oh, we're in the Danger Zone alright!

WOW. That was quite a weekend of football. Unfortunately I was just too busy to write anything about it. My girlfriend had her wisdom teeth pulled and was layed up in my bed for most of the weekend. I felt bad enough for her that I actually moved my second TV back into my bedroom so that she could watch something other than football in her drugged up state. I think the football gods must've been proud to see my gentlemanly side because they blessed me with two fantastic games on Saturday night.

OSU-Texas was absolutely entertaining for the duration of the game, though I'll stop short of calling it a classic due to some of the sloppiness of the respective offenses. Vince Young pulled out the victory against a hell of a Buckeye defense but he's got a long way to go before he gets my Heisman vote (theoretically). LSU-ASU was most definitely a classic. It slipped under alot of people's radars because of the media's obsession with the days two other marquee matchups (I'm not even going to speak about Chad Henne's hatchet job on the Wolverine offense. I assure you that the Notre Dame defense isn't nearly that good.) but it was as good a late Saturday night football game as you'll ever see. If you missed it you probably won't get a chance to see it again and that's too bad. If it had been either of the other games it would've gained "Instant Classic" status within hours.

Speaking of Instant Classics, tonight's matchup has that kind of potential. Even if the game isn't superb, the chance to watch Vick, T.O., McNabb, and others on this kind of stage is always enticing. I would love a Monday Night for the ages but I'll take a couple of 60+ yard plays tonight.

As I was writing this Jeremiah Trotter flipped out and decided he wasn't quite ready to start the season. As a result, he along with Atlanta's Kevin Mathis have been ejected. Sadly this has lead to a solid 15 minutes of ESPN showing and reviewing the tape of the incident like it's the goddamned Zapruder film. Which, consequently, has lead Stuart Scott to use words such as bananas, donneybrook, insane, and never before seen. Hey Patches! It's a damn pregame fight, I can remember one just last year between William Green and Joey Porter so shut your mouth and use it to lick Jordan and Tiger's balls some more.

The only thing that will come from this is that these two teams now hate each other far more than they ever did before, which should make tonight a little more fun.

Two random notes:

-ABC just used Kenny loggin's "Danger Zone" as part of their pregame montage. When I worked for a minor league baseball team last year and a player gave us an exceptionally crappy song for his intro music, our staff would always replace it with "Danger Zone". That was always good for a laugh, at least it was for me and the four/five other guys who were in on the joke.

- Has anyone else noticed how ESPN has basically admitted that Stuart "Patches" Scott's eye creeps out all of it's viewers. I'm completely serious here. Who else would be allowed to wear dark sunglasses while on the air. Can you imagine Dan Patrick trying to get this sort of thing OK'd. Of course not. Aren't we about a year or two away from Scott just wearing Ray Charles style shades while hosting another one of his horrible self-promoting gameshows? Can you tell that I hate this man more than Farrakhan hates bacon? Really? I didn't think I wa sbeing that obvious.

- The new Burger King commercial is even better than the first one. I especially like the end where Kelly Campbell hugs the King. I'm about ready to start eating Whoppers again.


CFunk28 said...

I love the King. Yesterday (Monday) was the only day since I quit that job that I wish I was there just so I could hear you jab a certain Vikes fan as he fell all over his horrible excuses.

Jerry said...

ESPNU replays just about every college football game during the week. It's awesome. I Tivoed both the big games -- not sure if I'll watch them in their entirety, but I want to get a flavor.

Unfortuately, I'll be doing the same thing with the Gators-Cousin Bangers game on Saturday due to yet another matrimonial commitment.

Mark said...

Is every donkey that you people ahve ever met getting married within a six monthy span? Jesus. I too will not be in a normal atmosphere for the SEC East Championship Game. Where will I be? The Bahamas...ohhyeahh.

Jerry said...


6 guys are getting married between Labor Day and Thanksgiving. I'll be at 4 of those. I bought a handheld TV this weekend, which was useful at times although it doesn't get great reception.