Sunday, May 01, 2005

Robert Horry discovered St. Augustine?

During the fourth quarter of the Spurs-Nuggets game last night as Bob Horry was finishing off a personal 8-0 run that put San Antonio back up 10 on the Nuggets, Brent Musberger said, "Robert Horry is the Ponce de Leon of NBA players." Huh? What? Is Robert on a quest for the fountain of youth that we're not aware of? Was Ponce de Leon a prolific clutch shooter during his time? I'm confused. Somebody please explain this to me.


Jerry said...

Somebody needs to collect the ridiculous Musburger quotes. My two favorites over the years:

From the Larry Bird SportsCentury (completely straight face, as serious as he could be): "Larry Bird was a cold-blooded killer."

And of course from the Arizona State-Ohio State Rose Bowl: "The SNAKE DOES IT AGAIN!!! YOU CAN CUT A SNAKE'S HEAD OFF, BUT IT WILL CONTINUE TO LIVE!!!!!"

Geoff said...

Brent, on a young Magic Johnson:

"This young man has a smile that will light up a TV screen from here to Bangor, Maine."

It doesn't sound that weird, but on a second read, what the shit does that mean?

Mark said...

I have no idea what any of those statements mean. Other than the one about Larry Bird. As we all know, Larry murdered his loser Dad and then made it look like a suicide. This was made much more possible by the gum shoes of the French Lick Police Department.

Geoff said...

And Reggie Lewis...don't forget that Larry murdered Reggie for stealing some of his spotlight. Oh, and he introduced Len Bias to cocaine.

Mark said...

Very good point...Larry was also the guy who introduced Robert Parish to the wonders of marijuana.

Jerry said...

And wifebeating. Don't forget about wifebeating.