Monday, May 16, 2005

Just another working schmoe...who hangs out with dudes from named Hector and Segio.

It's been a good two weeks since I've posted anything at all in this space and I'm sure that everybody has somehow been able to move on with their lives without my witty punditry, though I'm sure at least a few of you have awoken at night in a dead sweat over the thought of never hearing from me again...or not. Anyway, I've have left the wonderful world of Minor League Baseball for a much more lucrative and lazy position for an irrigation and landscaping company in beautiful Satellite Beach, Fl.

Basically, instead of ordering around interns who have just graduated college, I now order around Mexicans who have just jumped the border somewhere in Texas. It's a pretty good gig that allows me to enjoy all of my weekends (which are vastly underrated by the way) and I generally use about 1/5th of my total brain capacity on any given day. Which workls at well for me considering what some of my recreational activities are said to do to one's total brain mass.

With that said, there are some disadvantages to this new position...I can't sleep at my desk because, well, I don't have a desk. I also am unable to waste company time writing this blog since I am very rarely by a computer. On the flip side, not having to work until ten or eleven at night affords me the opportunity to watch more sports than I have since my time in Gainesville, FL.

What does this all mean to the future of my illustrious blog you ask? Well, it means that you're going to have to wait for another week or so before we get this thing up and running again. I finally broke down and bought a new computer this past weekend and am getting a new high speed connection setup in my house later on in the week. So for those of you who were elated by my absence on the web in the past two weeks, I am truly sorry...really I am. I wouldn't want to read this useless drivel either if I hadn't written it but you're going to have to buck up and get ready for a whole summer's worth of inane observations, drunk stories and immaturity beyond your wildest imagination. That's right, much like our man Costanza, it is now officially...THE SUMMER OF MARK!!!

Okay, maybe the summer of Mark is a little about we call it the summer of a regular 9 t0 5 job?


lindsey said...

holy shit your blog is awesome. great work.

lindsey said...
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Jerry said...

Totally kick-ass awesome! LOL!

Greg said...

Lindsey looks like a huge fan.

Greg said...

That bama John Weisbrod is getting the axe.