Monday, May 23, 2005

Exactly HOW, is she like the wind?

And...I'm back, for good this time. The local cable mafia came by on Saturday afternoon and installed my new internet connection at the House of the Musings so we're all set and ready to go with the revamped, home edition of Mark's Musings. I'm not gonna lie to you (not in this particular instance, at least) and tell you that I'll be right back in my normal form here this week. As with most elite level athletes (or bloggers in this case) it will probably take me a few days to get my rhythm back, but when I do...ohhh baby! I'm not quite sure what that meant but it definitely sounded me.

Anyway, there's quite a bit of sports related material to get to in the coming week so in an effort to slowly work my self back into shape, I'll keep it light today as I try and get myself back in game shape. Because, as anybody worth a salt will tell just can't simulate game situations.

I didn't get to watch any of the Spurs-Suns tussle yesterday afternoon as I was off seeing the latest Star Wars movie with some friends of mine. The movie was strong to quite strong with some really good fight scenes and even a few unexpected twists and turns. It wasn't quite what it had been made out to be by some of the people that I'd spoken to, but that is what I get for hanging around with the guys and gals of the Brevard Community College Chemsitry Club...well that and a fresh new recipe for some killer meth.

I would've like to have seen the Suns-Spurs game but since the average NBA series takes at least two weeksI just figured I'd take a pass on Game 1, especially since the Suns were going to be without Joe Johnson again. I personally don't think that the Suns can win this series regardless of the circumstances but they are in real danger of being swept right out of the playoffs if Johnson can't get back to action. The Pistons-Heat kickoff tonight and I, for one, can't see this thing going past six games. Shaq isn't healthy and Detroit is able to throw waaay too many solid defenders at Dwyane Wade for him to be the dominant force that Miami is going to need him to be. It's not only that the Pistons have 4 or 5 above average perimeter defenders (Billups, Hamilton, Prince, Hunter) but also the fact that the shot blocking prowess of Detriot's interior defenders allows their perimeter guys to play even tighter than normal on the outside. Im my opinion, Miami doesn't have nearly enough offensive weapons to make Detroit adjust their defensive philosophy. Detroit is too well coached and cohesive a unit to be allowed to work within their comfort zone if you have any hopes of beating them in a seven game series.

One note from the weekend: In the pantheon of great actors turned singers, I had always regarded Don Johnson and his seminal smash hit "Hearbeat" as the standard bearer with Jack Wagner and whatever pile of crap he sung coming in a distant second. That is, until I was watching one of the 143 coutdown shows that are currently airing on VH1 24 hours a day. All this time I had been living a lie and it wasn't until Saturday afternoon that I finally realized how in the dark I'd been. Somewhere along the line I had blocked out the memory of "She's like the Wind" by none other than Patrick Swayze. When the song began blaring out of my TV's speakers, all the memories came flooding back in a wave of emotions and "Dirty Dancing" montages. Well, not really any montages but you get the picture. Anyway, I'd just like to use this space to issue an official public apology to Patrick Swayze.

Patrick: I'm sorry. Don Johnson couldn't carry your vocal chords with a forklift. I'm sure you already knew that. I did too...I just forgot. Please...find it in your heart and your gender bending mullet to forgive me. I am begging you!

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