Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Liverpool was just awarded a penalty kick and now have a chance to tie it up with this kick. The kick is ...No Good!!! Oh wait...the kicker banged it back in on the rebound!!! The Scottish announcer is going absolutely ape shit at this point. What a game!! Every American who hates soccer should have to sit down and watch this game. Man this is great drama...though I DO still miss the dead bodies.


Greg said...

That's ridiculous. They were down 3-0 (or as the Brits say "3-nil") at halftime. They got a good writeup on soccernet.

Now, on to the NBA draft. Both Andy Katz and have Orlando taking Martell Webster at Number 11. rates him as the second best High schooler in the draft.

Mark said...

I don't have a problem with the Magic taking Martell Webster. From everything that I hear, he is a good kid with a lot of support at home through the help of foster parents and family freinds. Support is one of the more underrated factors oin how sucesful many of these high school kids become. Furthermore, he seems to ahve a pretty solid NBA body already and has been billed as the best shooter available among the high schoolers (maybe in the entire draft). I reserve the right to change my mind on this one, but as of now I ahve no problme with him being the pick.

TJ said...

Mark, speaking of support and high schoolers, if you haven't read this article about Kwame Brown from 3 years ago, you need to. It's hilarious.