Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Where I come from, "lazy" is a compliment...

I really did plan to write an exhaustive breakdown of the weekend's events yesterday ( I even made a list of the topics that I wanted to cover). However, between the cleanup of my facility as well as the interview that I went on yesterday there wasn't nearly enough time for me to write anything during the day, plus i lost my list. I know, I'm disappointed in me too.

Just in case you were wondering...yes, I did say that I went on an interview yesterday. What else did you expect? It's been like three months since I changed jobs, you had to know I was going to be in the market for a shakeup soon. Anyway, I said that I was planning on doing a mid-season report card for the Florida Gators at some point this week. Well, that may or may not happen. I'm feeling extremely unmotivated to write a comprehensive breakdown of Florida's season thus far. Partially, because it depresses me to rehash all the things wrong with Florida football this season, and partially because I'm an extremely lazy dude who doesn't get to spend nearly enough time perusing the internet these days. With that in mind, I'm going to post some random thoughts from the past few days (including the weekend) just so I don't feel like a complete loser. If you hadn't already surmised this much, you should know by now that it is always about what makes me feel good.

- I didn't watch much of the Tennessee-Alabama game because I was sitting at my local tattoo parlor for a solid three hours on Saturday. I did, however, manage to get home in time to watch almost the entire fourth quarter. After watching the way it ended, you just have to believe that this is one of "those seasons" for the Crimson Tide. The hit and subsequent touchback on the 3rd and 15 screen play sealed it for me. During any other year, Tennessee scores on that play or, at the very least, puts themselves in postiton for a chipshot field goal. Not this year. All the stars seemed to have aligned for 'Bama to have one of those memorable seasons where they keep pulling miracles out of their hats. The Tide still have two very loseable games yet to come against LSU and Auburn but I just have a feeling on this one.

- The Bucks just traded Desmond Mason, a 1st round pick, and cash (my favorite trade commodity) for Jamaal Magloire. Am I missing something here? Didn't the Bucks already draft their "franchise center" earlier this year when they selected Andrew Bogut? Is he that bad that they just had to go out and get Magloire? I thought the Bucks were going to be an uptempo team this year. Isn't that a little hard to do when you have Magloire and Bogut at your center and power forward positions, respectively?

The only angle that I can think of is that Bogut is such a natural fit at the high post that the Bucks thought that they had to get him a legit low post presence so that they could fully exploit his talents as a passer and shooter. Don't get me wrong here, I don't think you can pass up the chance to acquire a legit center for essentially Desmond Mason (especially when you signed Bobby Simmons to play his position this summer), it just strikes me as an odd move considering the direction that the organization said they were taking this summer. With that said, if this works out from a chemistry standpoint, the Bucks could be one of the scarier teams to face come playoff time in the East with their ability to bring high energy big guys off their bench like Joe Smith and Dan Gadzuric, both of whom should never start OR play over 20 minutes a game for a decent team.

-Sheryl Swoopes just announced that she's a lesbian. I guess we should be surprised since she has a kid who's like ten or something but, seriously, is anybody ever surprised when a female professional athlete declares that they're gay? I would be surprised if somebody like Katie Smith announced that she wasn't cleaning carpet fibers in her off time. This announcement brings up some interesting questions though. Did the guy who impregnated Swoopes know that she was gay? If so, did she just pay him hush money like some colombian immigrant who marries a U.S. citizen just to get her green card? Will Swoopes get ostracized like the gay receiver from ESPN's Playmakers or will she receive a "Houston 500" style reception from her teammates, coaches and fans when training camp opens in...whenever the WNBA opens training camp?

- LSU has the greatest midfield logo in college football. I won't even bother arguing this so stop right there. Not only is it fantastically original, but it is also quite good from an artisitic standpoint. I haven't even mentioned that it's best described as the "eye of the tiger" which wins it about ten cool points all on it's own. Unfortunately, all of this is negated by LSU's ridiculous insistence on assigning every 5 yards with a numeric marker. I realize that this break from tradition is probably extremely vital to the citizens of Louisiana but for those of us who don't have married cousins in our lineage it is, at once, annoying and somewhat painful to view.

- DJ Shockley is out for the Florida-Georgia game. This is most likely extremely disappointing to young Mr. Shockley, as the last time he was on the field for the Dawgs he was throwing the ball (and the game for that matter) directly to Florida's Guss Scott who would then return the interception for a touchdown and an eventual Gator victory.

In many ways, Shockley's injury will benefit Florida considering the inexperience of his backup as well as Florida's history of struggles in containing mobile QBs. However, I have a very bad feeling about Saturday. I have this feeling for one reason, and one reason only...Shockley's backup, Joe Tereshinzki. He is a third generation Bulldog who will probably never see the field as the #1 QB of his team after Saturday. Most people in the SEC think that he'll be overtaken by a high school All-American (from the same high school as Chris Leak, coincidentally) who is currently redshirting for Georgia after Shockley graduates this year.

Why does this have me so worried? It's the ultimate southern football scenario: Unsung QB who bleeds red and black starts against his team's biggest rival and plays the game of his life as he leads his troops to an unlikely victory in the biggest game of his life. I'm telling you, this scenario has Saturday written all over it. I've seen it happen before against Marcus Outzen and FSU in 1998 and I will never forget what it felt like to see some glorified Div. II QB beat the Gators for the only victory of his collegiate career. Just in case you don't think that the Gators are the Bulldogs biggest rival despite the act aht Georgia would be considered (at best) Florida's thrid most hated rival, consider this: On the main drag in Athens there are a number of bars, but the lodest and most popular goes by the name of "Gator Haters". Yeah, that pretty much sums up the Bulldogs' inferiority complex with the school down south.

I know it's a pretty weak update for today but I'm still trying to recover from monday's hurricane. Actually, I'm just super lazy today and the natural disaster card sounded alot better as an excuse.


CFunk28 said...

There is one college logo that rivals LSU; UAB. That dragon is cool as shit. I don't know what a dragon has to do with a Trailblazer, but it works for me.

Do you think that the WNBA looks at the Swoopes thing as bad press? I can't imagine. They've gotten more coverage on this than they did for their championship series.

Mark said...

It can't be bad press. Everybody thinks that most female athletes are lez anyway. Plus, they're getting legitimate national coverage from this and a large part of their core fan base now has somebody that they can directly relate to with no ifs, ands, or buts.

Greg said...

You want lazy? Here's lazy:

Monday: watched TV and slept. Didn't even eat.

Tuesday: watched TV, slept, bought groceries, ate dinner

Wednesday: watched TV, slept, went to the gym, and actually ate two meals

Today: watched TV, slept and I actually did some work around the house. I drank a lot of coffee today.

Also, I've found that watching the highlights of ANY rookie drafted after fuckin' Fran Vasquez makes me angry and disgusted.

Mark said...

Yeah. I find it best to forget that the Magic ever drafted Fran Vasquez to begin with. It's just too painful to imagine the possibilities.

Waht happened? I thought you were going back to work this week? Or is that this coming Monday?