Friday, October 21, 2005

Cause I'm Doug and I'm outta heeeare...

I've been in Orlando all day at a meeting and now I'm back in my facility which has a freshly broken AC. To top it off, it's raining outside so there's no way for us to ventilate the area that people are running around and sweating in. It sure is feeling like a 4:30 departure time for me this afternoon.

At least this brought a smile to my face: The University of Florida is recruiting a JUCO DE from Arizona who is purported to be an instant impact player. This would be fantastic if true since the Gators have never had a JUCO player of any relevance until Reggie Nelson this year. That's not what made me smile though. Rather, it was the name of the Scottsdale Community College Mascot...The Fighting Artichokes. Why did my community college have a cheesy, nondescript nickname? Couldn't BCC have gone with the Fighting Junkies? We could've even called the gym the Methadone Clinic. It's better than Titans.

As I'm typing this my back has begun to sweat...that's it.

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