Wednesday, June 15, 2005

You know...the Nazi's hated the internet too.

Apologies are definitely in order, as I've been quite the deadbeat as of late. I can't seem to get any real flow to my writings going. I'll write for two days and then be gone for four, write for three days and then take two off.

The problem is that the Nazi's at my new job don't allow internet access for anything other "business related research". Oh yeah, you read that correctly, I said new job. I quit the landscaping company a couple of weeks back and promptly took a solid two week vacation which consisted of me doing absolutely nothing besides the occasional afternoon nap. Of course, the money wasn't going to last forever. Eventually, I had to go out and find another job. I was able to secure a job at a local lending institution where I deal primarily in loans while dabbling in some mortgages as well.

Am I schooled in any way for a job like this? Absolutely not. Do I have a firm grasp of what my day-to-day responsiblities are? Hell no. Did I manage to get yet another raise by switching jobs for the third time this summer? You bet your ass I did. To be frank, I can't say that I see myself at this new job for more than a few months but it's paying the bills and giving me my weekends to conduct steel cage matches agaisnt my liver so I can't really complain...yet.

I'm still trying to figure out exactly what my writing routine will be, so I ask that you bear with me for the time being. I'll get settled in and (hopefully) get back to posting four-five days a week. Despite all of this, I've still been thinking of all of you and have jotted down a few notes in these past few days. Here we go:

- I feel like an ape when I eat bananas. Not the entire time that I'm eating them mind you. It's mostly when I'm trying to peel the banana and when I go in for the bite (ngs).

- I really like that one Post Office commercial. The one with the girl who keeps getting more and more packages to take to the Post Office. It isn't really the commercial that I like as much as it is the one Middle Eastern fellow who walks right up to her with a menacing look and only says, "Post Office?". Maybe it's just me but I'm not taking anything that guy gives me to the Post Office.

- Family Guy was phenonmenal on Sunday night. Especially Peter singing an acoustic version of the early 80's classic "Rock Lobster". I haven't heard that song in at least ten years...right around the time I was muling for that Peruvian lady in Key Largo.

- My dog doesn't like Watermelon, at all. I'm not really sure what I should do with this info.

- Florida plays Tennessee on Friday in the College World Series opener. It's really too bad that I won't be able to watch..since the fucking creamsicle orange that Tennessee wears makes me involuntarily stab myself with a protractor.

- HBO was showing "The Winslow Boy" a couple of nights ago. Surprisingly, it wasn't about Kellen Sr. teaching his son exaclty how to be a pompous, egomaniacal crybaby. Who knew?

- Jeff Brantley played his college ball at Mississippi State. I did not know that. Though it sure goes a long way towards explaining his beautiful mullet.

- I know that Stevie Wonder is one of the greatest musicians of all time, but did you see him in the stands last night? At one point, he was screaming, swaying (per ususal), and clapping all at once...and the game was coming back from commercial. I feel sorry for the poor schmoes who had to sit next to him last night. Seriously, how do you walk over to Stevie Wonder and say, "HEY!! The game's not even going on so why don't you shut the fuck up for a few minutes!"?

- Enough of men wearing pink shirts already. Are you that easily led astray by the mainstream media that you think you actually look good wearing every three year old girl's favorite color? Why don't you just grow a pencil thin mustache to go with it, you sackless bastards.

- Texas is playing Atlanta on ESPN tonight. On a related note, here's something I've never told most people about myself: If I could pick one athlete/celebrity to wipe off the face of the earth it would (without a doubt) be Orel Hershisher. Stuart Scott comes in a distant second. It was a long time ago. Yes, I'm still bitter. No, I won't ever forgive him. I'll tell you some other time.

- Every time that Hubie Brown calls Tim Duncan "Timmy", I can't help but smile. Couldn't we bring Hubie back for one more year of coaching and mic him up for every game? Who wouldn't buy NBATV for a chance to watch and listen to Hubie coaching for 82 games? Communists, that's who.

- Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Manu Ginobili isn't Jesus Christ himself. Personally, I was pretty shocked to hear this.

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