Friday, June 03, 2005

I want to be a "person of interest"...

File this one under "Shrewd Negotiating Tactics": Redskins Safety Sean Taylor is being sought out as a "person of interest" by Miami-Dade Police.

Here's a link:

There's no denying that Sean Taylor has the potential and talent to be one of the all-time great safeties in the NFL. I've mentioned in this space before that he held the state of Florida's high school single season rushing touchdown record at 43 until this past year which is pretty amazing, no matter who you are. Beyond that, I have also personally seen Taylor completely dominate a game against FSU in the middle of a rainstorm and Miami win. Taylor had 2 interceptions on the day and returned one for a touchdown but he could have had 6 or 7 (seriously) if it weren't for some of the worst hands this side Desagna Diop. The point is, that it was an extremely impressive performance and it seemed to confirm the thought that he was a franchise type dominant player in the minds of most football fans and (I assume) scouts and most GM types.

These days though, it really seems to me that Taylor is just an enormous pain in the ass. I could care less about the Miami guys training down in Miami since they probably work harder than a normal vets does at a typical June minicamp, but he gets into all kinds of bull shit off the field. He certainly doesn't seem like the most stable dude around. The Miami players have all called him the craziest of all the current and former 'Canes. Think about that for a second...that's a really long list that he's on the top of. Anyway, him and his new agent (third) are demanding a new contract one year after signing his rookie deal. The best part about those demands is that the guy was clear disappointment last year. He's probably not a bad guy at all, just a huge douche. At this point, far more trouble than he's worth.

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