Monday, June 06, 2005


Between the Heat-Pistons squaring off in Game Seven and the Cardinals-Red Sox meeting for the first time since last October, we're looking at one hell of a night for sports.

Cards-Sox is just another meaningless interleague matchup but it happens to involve the first team I ever truely followed and loved (Cards, beginning circa 1984) against the team that vanquished them in four straight games in their first World Series in almost twenty years. I plan on writing more about the Redbirds later in the week but I'll try and check in with some randon notes during this evening's action.

As for tonight's main event...I'm hoping that tonight can save what's been a pretty lackluster set of conference finals. Dwyane Wade is definitely going to play and I, personally, think he'll paly pretty well. With that said, I can't turn my back on my Pistons prediction now so I'm going with a win for Larry Brown's guys along with a shit ton of "DETROIT BASKETBALL!" chants. Does anybody else here that guy in their sleep? No? Yeah, me neither.

Speaking of bothersome/catchy things that I can't get out of my head...Does anybody else think that Gwen Stefani song ("Hollaback girl", I believe) is at once the catchiest and most mind blowingly annoying creation to hit the radio in years? That's right, I know you were humming it in the car this weekend.

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