Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Is it Thursday yet?

I watched most of the first half but I was eating dinner and walking the dog so I didn't feel like doing too much . As the game wore on though, I missed all of you guys (two people can be "you guys"...right?). So without further delay, here's a bunch of random shit.

-The dude from the Best Buy commercial is a liar. He said that I could control the Black eyed Peas with "the push of a button". Well I've pushed plenty of buttons and I still can't get them to die. That's all I want. Just to wipe the Black Eyed Peas off the face of the earth. Would anybody really miss them?

- Ginobili and Parker are driving at will on the Pistons. Detroit is playing pretty damn well on offense so far (mid-3rd) but they are allowing a ton of penetration.

- I'm not really certain what happened but I turned back to the season permier of The Real World and saw the black guy verbally sparring withone of the drunk girls in the house. Meanwhile, one of the dudes evidently got drilled in the face and is laying on his bed. The Army nurse girl decides he needs to go to the emergency room and the doctor ends up diagnosing him with a fractured cheekbone. The doctor follows up with this diagnosis, "This is serious. People go blind from this." Thanks, Doc. What in the name of Eric Nies did I miss here? On the second effin' night in town? I gotta get Tivo.

-71-67 at the end of 3. At the risk of sounding like Al Michaels...for a series that was nearly unwatchable for the first four games, these last seven quarters have really made this series a compelling sports event. This is no small task for a Pistons-Spurs Finals in today's NBA. Want more prooof? Remember the Spurs-Pistons Finals? The Nets had Kidd and he is far more exciting to watch than anybody on the Pistons.

Personally, I'd rather have this than any of Jordan's Finals. Jordan had some absolutely amazing performances. I'm not denying that, in fact that's just the reason that I couldn't ever REALLY get excited for the Finals when he was ruling the NBA. No matter what, you always knew that Jordan would will his team to victory. There was no real drama, I guess. I still think the Spurs will win this series and always have but Sunday night's Game and tonight's game are the type of competitive, back and forth games that made me love the NBA. By the way (and I'm not making this up) just now ABC showed a "Great NBA Finals Moment". What did they choose? Jordan's shot over Bryon Russell and Utah to win his sixth championship. Way to dig deep their guys.

- It's sounds to me like Hubie is just kind of pulling for the Pistons.

- I'll say it...Bruce Bowen is kind of an asshole. He's definitely the guy who would undercut you in a pickup game.

- "Masterpiece" is definitely the first word that came to mind when I saw the trailer for "Land of the Dead".

- AMAZING block by Ben Wallace on Ginobili.

- Hubie just called Chauncey Billups "absolute death" on the foul line.

- Rasheed Wallace had the look of a man packing it in midway through the third. Then he had the best all around fourth quarter of any body on the floor.

- Game Seven.

- I just read that Shavlik Randolph decided to stay in the NBA Draft. Yeah, that sounds about right.


Greg said...

The Black-Eyed Peas are right up there with Creed and the Dave Matthews band in the category of "Most Annoying Bands Ever".

Jerry said...

I'm not leaving Cleveland until Creed gets into the the Rock and Roll HoF.

Greg said...

You're gonna be in Cleveland for a long effing time.

Mark said...

Jerry have you been to Jacobs Field yet?

Geoff said...

You're gonna be in Cleveland Greg! YOU ARE!

Greg said...

are you and V-tat coming up July 8-9?

TJ said...

Hey, it's Thursday now.