Monday, December 20, 2004

Pure joy...

That is probably the only way I can describe the feeling I had this morning when I realized that today would be my last day of work until 2005. Nothing will motivate somebody to put a stamp on the day as much as knowing that you won't be back in the office for another 3 weeks. I thought that I was psyched when I advanced to the finals of my fantasy league playoffs yesterday, but my love for Drew Bennett and Larry Johnson (two inspired late season pickups who have fueled my fantasy run) soon dissipated at the thought of drinking every night and sleeping until 1. I know alot of people say that you would be completely bored without a job...but I'd like to test out this theory, purely for research purposes of course.

Before I get on with my random thoughts from this weekend I thought I would lend a little Xmas shopping help to all the last minute buyers out there, , you can thank me later...Jagermeister is a good way to start.

There's not a whole lot in this world that enrages me more that having to sit through a full Sportscenter that prominently involves Stuart Scott. There's a very good chance I will go on a five state northeastern killing spree the next time I hear him say "Ginormous". For my money, the seventh level of hell has got to be Scott, Stephen A. Smith and Greg Anthony all sitting at a table talking basketball.

Donovan Darius' shot on Robert Ferguson was as big a cheap shot as I have witnessed in quite a while. In a violent game like football, players are going to get hurt, but to intentionally try and take somebody out like that is bush. Whats even worse is how Darius defended his hit by saying it a "technique"...well, you're right in the damned WWE, they call it a clothesline. On a related note, I'm sure that nobody doubts how tough the players in the early years of the NFL were but when you realize that a play like Darius' hit was completely legal back then, it gives you a new level of respect for ALL of those guys.

Apparently Terrell Owens is out at least five weeks with a fractured tibula...I guess the fans in Philly are busy preparing their annual round of excuses for blowing home field advantage in the playoffs, it really shouldn't take too long when you consider all the practive they've had. Does anybody else think we should pool our money and get a gift for Roy Williams as a token of our gratitude for killing any chance of us having to see Andy Reid in tights? Maybe we could buy him a ticket to Chicago to check out Kendall Gill's "Boys Club"?

The beer I was drinking nearly shot out of my nose last night when I saw Peyton Manning getting visibly upset at Mike Vanderjagt for missing that field goal. It reminded me of the time that Corky got into a fight at school on "Life Goes On". Peyton, you are alot of things...intimidating is not one of them.

Pretty classy move by Manning to take a knee last night late in the 4th. I bet Bill Simmons thinks that Tom Brady would've done a much better job with managing the clock in between the two consecutive kneel downs.

I may be wrong here but I fail to see how Vince Carter will make the Nets much better. He isn't half the player he once was and his refusal to take the ball to the rim makes him nothing more than a decent swingman with an average jumper and a huge attitude problem...just the kind of guy I'd like to trade two future first round picks for. I just want an NBA team to run for ONE season, just one and then I'll stop complaining. I will grant you that they won't be agonizing to watch anymore (just painful) but they now have the worst frontline in the East (QUITE an accomplishment) and are home to not one, but two coach killing stars with gimpy knees. This trade may provide us with some really good highlights for the next month or so but by the time the trading deadline rolls around, Kidd will be gone and Carter will have "re-injured" his knee for the 5th consecutive season. The Meadowlands should be jumping come May.

Is ESPN really running a counter listing the number of days until Kobe plays Shaq? Ummm, its on Christmas day! I think we can all keep track of that without your help, no? Even if it wasn't on Christmas, do I really need to be constantly updated about an NBA game in December? That's right, I do recall the '86 Celtics wrapping up the NBA title right around the New Year.

Next Sunday's ESPN night game...Browns vs. Dolphins. Sweet. Two teams who've packed it in while playing out the string for lame duck interim coaches. The only thing that intrigues me about this game is that maybe the NFL will have BOTH teams wearing their orange alternate jerseys for this game. That would be the best gift the NFL could give any of us this year. Seriously, why not? With AJ Feeley and Luke McCown starting at QB, its not like their would be a huge spike in interceptions, they throw at the wrong team all the time anyway. Why not give them a built in excuse? That and the thought of Paul Maguire stammering and stumbling through a three hour game is almost enough to keep me from drinking during the telecast just so I can be acutely aware of how horrible him and Theisman are as a broadcasting team...almost.

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