Monday, December 13, 2004

How long until Deion put out a hit on Troy Brown?

I'm back, and writing on a Monday for a change but that is only because I worked so hard for the first part of the day that I thought I could spare a little time for all my loyal hello to my girlfriend and my mom.

Well, the Tribe of William & Mary put together what looked to be another great comeback only to fall to the Dukes of James Madison University. JMU will now play Montana in the Div. I-AA National Championship game. It should be an exciting and entertaining game. William & Mary just got down big one too many times and they didn't quite have what it took to knock off the Dukes for the second time this year. Congratulations go out to JMU's QB Justin Rascati who proved to be a better passer than I had previously given him credit for.

I am only basing this on two games of action but I think that JMU receiver D.D. Boxley will play in the NFL someday. I'm not talking about Boxley being a pro bowler but he does look like a guy who can make somebody's roster and eventually become a third or fourth receiver. He'd certainly help his cause if he could play some special teams.

I'm not ready to call him Jim Thorpe but Troy Brown is one hell of an athlete and should get some credit for the AMAZING job he has done as a cornerback this year. This is a guy who was a top 10 receiver in the league a few years ago and ,though somewhat slowed by time, has put together a very good year as a corner, not to mention still contributing as a receiver. It just makes you wonder if he could've been an elite level player at both positions had he been pressed into this type of duty earlier in his career.

Jimmy Smith is the Dick Clark of receivers. Think about it, he doesn't look any older than when he started with the Jaguars and is still consistently beating guys deep even though the Jags have no other receiver who is a legit threat to burn a secondary. He's not showing any real signs of breaking down either. On another note, I can't think of one single celebrity who was busted for possession of cocaine who has aged so gracefully. When he finally decides to retire, (I'm guessing around 2011) Jimmy may have quite a future as a "consultant" in LA.

Did anybody else see Marty Schottenheimer's hat yesterday? Pure comedy. It looked like one of those hats from the $5 bargain bin at The Athlete's Foot. Everytime the camera panned down, I was expecting to see Marty wearing a pair of Zubaz.

Recently, there has been quite a bit of talk about Edgerrin James going to the Bucs in the offseason. I don't know if I can even rationally discuss this because it makes me so damn giddy. It makes sense for Edge since he would love to get back to Florida and play in warm weather again. As for the Bucs, he would immediatley become the best back in Bucs history beating out the likes of such all-time greats as Lars Tate, Ricky Bell, Warrick Dunn, and Thomas Jones.

I was absolutely livid when the Bucs passed on Stephen Jackson in last year's draft and wasn't afraid to tell anybody that would listen, as well as plenty of people who wouldn't about it. While I still think Jackson will be a fantastic back in the League, I am officially sold on Michael Clayton. Clayton has a real chance to be a GREAT receiver in the NFL. He is big, very strong, possesses above average hands and has much better speed than I thought when I watched him at LSU. Plus, he is as tough as any receiver you will see in the NFL today...Nick Saban (his college coach and a former defensive backs coach) said, more than once, that Clayton could've been an All-American if he had stayed at Safety (his original position in college as a freshman). Somehow, I have a hard time imagining Phil Fullmer saying that about Donte' Stallworth.

Did you see Peter King say that Vinny Testaverde told him that he never votes on the Heisman since he doesn't follow college football? Interesting. Its really too bad that Vinny couldn't have obstained from all those horrible passes he threw when he played for the Bucs because he didn't really follow NFL football then now did he?

Is it possible that Aaron Brooks is getting dumber? C'mon, this is getting ridiculous. Every week he makes at least one AWFUL mental mistake. I bet that, as I write this, Jim Mora Jr. is trying to draw up a special provision in Michael Vick's contract that prevents him from hanging out with Brooks during the offseason...something similar to those clauses that prevent skydiving or riding motorcycles because they can be hazardous to a player's career. Because, mentally, would spending time with Aaron Brooks be any different, really?

Thats about it today...I'll try and write more tommorrow...though it may be hard if I still have this pen in my eye. yes, the very same pen that I jabbed into my cornea after David Lee's horrible airball on Saturday.

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