Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Tommy Herr was unavailable...

I'm a little too tired (read: hungover) today after celebrating my birthday last night to spend much time posting my various thoughts from the recent three day weekend (Yes, I had Columbus Day off, suckers). However, I didn't want the afternoon to get away without mentioning tonight's NLCS Game 1 between former NL East rivals St. Louis and New York.

There was once a time when I hated the Mets with intensity and passion. The kind of complete and irrational hatred that only 8-12 year old boys who religiously follow baseball can muster. Those days have long since passed due to a combination of divisional realignment, time and acquisition of a life that doesn't revolve around fart jokes, baseball and blurry Cinemax. With that said, I'm going to try and recapture those days (not the Cinemax part...that's why I have a high speed wireless connection at home) over the next few weeks as I hold out hope that the Cardinals can continue to defy the odds and wade their way through the stress laden morass of Playoff Baseball. So, in the spirit of October, allow me to say:

Fuck New York and fuck the Mets. Oh yeah, fuck Gary Carter too. That guy always annoyed the hell out of me.

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