Friday, December 08, 2006

Feeling the flow...

You'll have to excise my lack of correspondence this week. You see, it's really hard to type when you're floating on air. I've been wanting to write something about the Florida Gators and their amazing ride to the National Championship game but (as Jerry has said numerous times), its a lot harder to write positively about a sports team than it is to write negatively. Too much positivity always seems to make you come off like some jock sniffing 12 year old who hangs out by the bus lopp for autographs. Now, I may be alot of things (alcoholic, furry, Cheez-It enthusiast) but a jock sniffer is definitely not one of them. So, with that in mind, I'm not even gonna try to talk about it right now.

Most of you watched the SEC Championship game (or at least watched the highlights) so there's really no point in me recapping that, especially a week after the fact. Futhermore, it's awfully early to engage in a National Championship game preview since the game isn't for another month. So where does that leave me? Right here, sitting at my desk, trying to think of soemthing worth writing today. Only, I can't think of anything to write about today or, more appropriately, of anything that I feel like writing about today. It's Friday, I'm hungover and I have an awards luncheon to attend in a couple of hours. So you're just gonna have to cut me a break this week. There's nothing worthwhile coming from me today. Not even close.
One last thing: I'd like to wish a "Happy Birthday" to the Orlando Magic's Dwight Howard. The NBA leader in rebounding (13.2) and dunks (56) turns 21 today. 21... just think about how scary he'll be in a few years. Anywho, Dwight's gonna be busy playing the Pistons tonight (and loving him some Jeebus) so I say we all go out and get drunk in Dwight's place tonight.


CFunk28 said...

I know that its only the Thorpe Award, but how does Reggie Nelson not win that thing? I was astounded when I saw that Ross won. I guess when Reggie gets taken in the top 10 of the draft he can laugh all the way to the bank and buy his own Thorpe Award.

And I made the mistake of wearing an OSU shirt to the airport yesterday. But when I told people about my man crush on Urban Meyer they were nice to me.

I actually had a great conversation w/ a lady who was maybe the most knowledgable female fan I've ever met. It actually made my day to talk to someone intelligent after a week of talking to idiots.

Mark said...

They don't make 'em all that smart in the south but they do know their football, for the most part.

For some reason, I knew that Reggie wouldn't win. I hate to be a whiner but if Zbikowski had a year like Nelson, he would've won the Thorpe AND the Nagurski. You'd think being the best player on a 12-1 team ranked #2 in the country would be worth something. Evidently not. The SEC is really starting to get screwed by their lack of a relationship with ABC/ESPN in terms of overall publicity and bias.

How was hanging out with JVV? Did him and Weinhold make out? What abotu you and Hondo?

By the way, I will officialy begin to hate you (or hate you more, I guess) at 12:00 noon on Xmas Day. It's just gotta be that way.

One last thing: Lakeland plays in Miami tonight to wrap up their third consecutive state title, 45 straight win and second consecutive National title. Absolutely amazing when you consider the state, the classification and the combo of public school and city size.

Jerry said...

I'd like a recap of that Lakeland game. I saw a few highlights on ESPN when I was at the gym.

I've only seen the first hour of the Gators game (and I only Tivoed the 1st 3 hours). The best part so far was when Hetland made the FG and got mobbed by a bunch of massive, fired up black dudes. Maybe the scariest moment of his life.

CFunk28 said...

Me and JVV ended up at this piano bar on the Disney boardwalk. It was pretty good. Considering that that was the 3rd straight night I had gone there and gotten hammered. Plus we finally got them to play Freebird. Would you expect anything less?

Me and JVV did go up to Weinhold's room after the bar closed b/c he had beer. That's the way predators do it. They lure you in with candy. I did wake up the next morning w/ the worst headache I've had since college reminding me why I don't drink Bud Heavy, Bud Lite, or Bud Select (that's what I was drinking at the bar b/c they didn't have Coors for some reason. Just more reason to love Coors Lite, they don't associate w/ Disney.)

I too will begin hating you more in January. I think it will be a phenominal game. But Tressel w/ 50+ days to prepare has to worry you.

CFunk28 said...

And I forgot to mention, do you remember a beginning to a college basketball season that has had so many great games this early? LSU-UT was a great game last night and you throw in KU-UF, OSU-UNC, and even IU-UK Saturday. Just a plethora of great games so far this season.

Mark said...

You're right about the games thus far this season. As much as it pained me, Vitale was dead on when he said that last night.

What are the chances that Davis tried to strangle Temple last night after he threw up that deep 3 on the last possession of OT? The shot was bad in and of itself, but was far worse when you consider that Davis didn't even touch the ball during the game's final 12 seconds.

CFunk28 said...

I was waiting for Davis to go after him on the court. When they showed him laying under the basket he just looked like "you have to be kidding me." I couldn't believe it when he took that shot. I don't care how open he was. Down 1 w/ 10 seconds left and your All American doesn't touch the ball. That's just stupid.