Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Zook fired? I'm shocked...

First off...aplogies to my friend Greg's friend Jerry...yeah I'm stealing your idea but then again you stole it from Sports Guy.

Random thoughts to get me going for the first time.

What's with the uproar over Ron Zook being fired? Are you kidding me? There should be an uproar about him not having to take a bus back to Gainesville from Starkville, MS.

All due respect but Starkville, MS is even worse than you would imagine, just trust me.

When your baseball team loses two runs due to the defensive wizardry of Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz, it is probably time to start looking at tee times. This means YOU Jose Oquendo.

Who is more excited about Lamar Odom being back in L.A.? Me or the editors of High Times?

Has anybody besides me seen the Larry Elder show? I mean other than his son B.J.

If you ever are offered a job in Minor League Baseball be sure to ask if you will getting paid extra for you work as a skilled me.

I was working a Bush rally on Saturday and Jeb Bush said there were 25,000 people there. Mind you, the stadium holding the rally seats just over 7,500. Unless the secret service guys were carrying people in their pockets then I think I may have an idea of how the whole election in 2000 may have gone wrong...I'm just saying.

I'm not saying Spurrier was great in Washington but I am saying that maybe people in Washington should review his tenure in light of the unmitigated disaster that is Joe Gibbs Version 2.0...I mean he acquires Portis and Brunell and THIS is what we get. I don't know if Dave Wannstedt could do worse than this...nevermind.

Could somebody explain to me why Cleveland traded for Drew Gooden...he has no post moves, can't guard a house plant, wants 15-20 shots per night and has an ever growing rep as a late night partier? Why would you put him with Lebron? Was Danny Ainge just asking too much for Ricky Davis?

Do you think that Caron Butler cries himself to sleep at night? Just wondering.

Why hasn't that slutty capitol hill intern chick with the blog posed nude yet? Can I get a ruling on this?

I don't think that Chris Gatling gets enough credit for starting this whole headband trend.

I've been to Atlanta, exactly WHERE in Atlanta was Rod Coleman driving when he flipped his car while swerving to avoid a deer? Somebody, anybody.

Am I the only person who knew how the Gerard Warren era in Cleveland was going to turn out?

ESPN 2K5 is vastly superior to NBA Live2005 if only because Grant Hill is not even on the roster for the Magic...but wait, his ankle feels great this time. Somebody shoot me already.

Can we PLEASE stop calling Champ Bailey the best corner in the NFL? C'mon, Chad Johnson hasn't burned anybody that bad since that girl he slepped with during his senior year at Oregon State. Hey, at least she could get a cream for her burning sensation.

Couldn't the Bears have picked up Richmond Flowers when they signed Chad know for the kids?

I hate cold weather but I DO love women in boots.

Speaking of those kinds of women...I'm off to Jacksonville for the annual Florida-Georgia showdown also known as the "World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party". Even if you don't care about football it is worth the trip if only for the women of questionable morals and copious amounts of alcohol.


CFunk28 said...

Chris Gatling did not start the head band trend; he merely bridged the gap from the fashionable headbands of Slick Watts to the baldness of Bonzi Wells. If Gatling had started the head band craze I think teams would have actually held onto him after they acquired him.

AA said...

"I hate cold weather but I DO love women in boots."

;-) I love being in boots and I adore the cold weather!

Great writing you have here Mark! Keep it up!